What does brand positioning mean for your small business?

Why is it so important to stand out from the competition, what does brand positioning mean and how does it all relate to finding your point of difference?

As a small business owner, to differentiate your product or service just on the quality of your customer service is often really difficult until people experience it themselves, so we need to find a different way to stand out from the competition. We live in such an over communicated Society, email, social media, Facebook, so what space of the mind does your service or product own in the minds of its customers and clients? Why would someone come to you if you're just like everybody else? What makes you special? What makes you different? Are you an expert? Do you have a focus?

In a lot of our podcasts, articles and resources, we reference the medical industry so much, and they're so good at marketing, but I think it's more by accident. They have so many specialties and when we're in need of an expert, our GP doesn't help us, a specialist does. I know according to some stats, there's over 80 Specialties that a medical professional can focus on, now that's some real focus and specialisation, so by finding your point of difference, it'll allow you to really position your business in the minds of your customers and clients where there's the least amount of competition and that's the battle that you're facing. It's the battle of the mind and why people are choosing you over everyone else, so it's marketing that will make you stand out from the competition, help people come through your doors and really make sure that you're driving business and driving revenue.

I say to our clients all the time that you can have the best small business out there, but if the competition is plenty and you're not differentiating yourself and positioning yourself in the minds of your customers, and getting out there to the big wide world then you pretty much you have no business at all.

Find your specialty, give people a reason to choose you and communicate it over and over again.

Watch our video here to help you find yours.


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