Why a defined target audience for small business is so important

When you hear people talking about marketing and starting out a business, one of the topics that is discussed is target audience, such an old school term but it's still super important.

Why is it important? When you are communicating your product or service, you want to try to make sure that you are engaging the right consumer and the right clientele in and around what you're marketing and selling to them. What you want to ensure, is that you don't waste any communication, any time, money and energy on those that don't necessarily want to consume you.

The other lesson is to make sure that there's a needs match. What do I mean by that? Imagine you have a website and your target audience is homeowners for example, and you're a gardener so when they go to your website you want to be really clear around who your target audience is, and be really obvious around that.

Play out this scenario, imagine there's two websites, one is a website that's a garden care website that mentions they do work for industrial Estates, strata buildings, residential homeowners, parks, and then there's another website that says “We are your homeowner residential Garden Care Experts.” If you're a homeowner, the chances are that you're going to choose the specialist, and those businesses that resonate directly to you as the audience, and that's what I mean by needs match. I go to the website and I say that is the need that I have and that's a match to me.

With target audience, be really explicit around who your audience is and how you can best help them, so that there is a needs match, and that they can choose you over the competition who is a bit more of a generalist, and isn't explicit around who they help.

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