Some key small business marketing lessons from the communication of the Matildas

Over the last couple of weeks, there’s no way you would have escaped the Matildas media mayhem.

What are the key lessons around this for small business owners in Australia? There's so many but I’m going to briefly discuss two.

The first is that the media have been consistent in their communication daily across all their platforms, whether social, newspapers, radio, TV, whatever it might be, talking about the Matildas which has meant that it is top of mind for even those that aren’t football supporters, and they can't help but get caught up in the wave. What's this first lesson? Consistent communication means you’re top of mind and means that you will consume what you’ve been fed.

The second thing is that people talk about “economic times” and there's no money out there. No doubt there's been an uplift in merchandise, people visiting live sites and paying for that, people visiting pubs and clubs, drinking and eating and spending money to enjoy the moment of the Matildas. By being consistent in their communication and being top of mind, it has ensured people consume and spend money. This second lesson is to be top of mind, because when the time comes for people to spend in your category, on your product or service, if you've been top of mind, then you have a better chance of them spending with you versus the competition.

Watch a video here to learn more. If you want to get a start on your marketing and ensure you have consistency in message and frequency, contact one of our team today.


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