What should be included in your small business marketing plan

A marketing plan is an effective, strategic and most importantly actionable plan to help better market a business through clear objectives and tangible actions that will provide a clear structure in what you are trying to communicate and how to best do that.

The marketing plan will give you the structure you require to ensure it has the best chance of being executed and the best chance of succeeding.

A marketing plan will give you consistency; consistency in the frequency of the activity and consistency in the message that’s being put out there.

A marketing plan should consist of 2 core components

Positioning (strategy) 


Marketing Actions and Activities (tactics)

Positioning (strategy)

Firstly, defining your positioning and what makes you different is absolutely critical to the success of marketing actions and how you’ll get your message out there.

If the positioning isn’t right, any investment (not cost) you make in getting your business and brand out there will be a waste. We know, in small business that every dollar matters, and every dollar invested in marketing should be objective driven.

Remember, if can you understand why you're different, and what your core message is, your investment in getting your brand out there is a waste.

Once your positioning is confirmed, it’s time to decide how you can actually get this message out there and communicate that point of difference through your marketing activities. Allocate a timing and frequency to these activities. You need your marketing plan to be super tangible, very action orientated. Do this activity (tactical) on this date, saying this, looking like this.

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