The importance of being consistent in your small business marketing

Your Marketing doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise but needs to be as effective as possible as often as possible.

You need to stay top of mind. We often say to our clients…your audience may not need you today, tomorrow or next week, but if you’re top if mind often enough, when they time comes, they will no doubt consider you.

At the beginning of covid we had a client who wanted to pause their email campaigns as well as their AdWords campaigns because they didn't have the stock due to the global distribution logistical issues coming out of China.

Given the clients ability and carried down to be able to verbally discussed with clients the issues at hand, of which if we country dealing with China was copping, we begged him not to pause any of the marketing. We had full faith that he would be able to communicate this delay to clients that would inquire, collect their information and send them product when he finally had it in his hands.

If he had paused his marketing, we have no doubt he would have been left behind. Instead he was perfect, proactive, ploughed through the uncertainty, stayed positive and continued to stay top of mind with potential and existing clients. Needless to say he's a leader in his field.

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