Marketing consultants for small businesses in Brisbane on the future of marketing

As the marketing landscape continues to change and evolve, our Brisbane small business marketing consultancy offers its small business clients a sneak-peak into the future of the marketing industry, as reshaped by growing trends.

Marketing shall no longer be about your brand, but solely about your customer. Key performance indicators (KPIs) that once prioritised one-time sales will now focus on solidifying customer retention and customer lifetime value. Data analytics will play a major role, not only in facilitating these KPIs, but also in maximising marketing campaign efficiency, tracking customer journeys and unravelling the core needs or wants of potential customers.

Brisbane small businesses can also expect more integration across internal and external business departments. Marketing and technology have already displayed their vigorous compatibility to the world, contributing to immense improvement in customer experiences and offering greater insight into customer desires. As aim of marketing becomes increasing efficiency and providing benefit consumers, broader knowledge and intensive research will be required. Thus, the marketing department will require the assistance of financial, human resources, and research and development departments.

As technology, data analytics and integration change the future of the marketing industry, the leading small business marketing consultants of Brisbane have also come across forecasts that indicate sufficient growth in the marketing industry of Australia. Demand for advertising and sales managers is expected to grow at a 1.7% growth rate (or by 13,000 people) over the next three years. Therefore, it is crucial that all Brisbane small businesses take into consideration the expected changes to the future marketing industry, and plan for them.

Luckily, our excellent team of marketing consultants for small businesses in Brisbane are both ready and qualified to help. Book a consultation today and determine the best strategy to tackle the upcoming changes.


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