Brisbane small business marketing consultant discusses the advantages of BOPIS

In recent, an increasing number of retailers have been turning to a BOPIS system. BOPIS is a tool present on retail websites which gives customers the option to make an online purchase and then collect their item at a physical store (rather than have it delivered). This is where its name comes from: BOPIS, i.e. “Buy Online, Pick-up In Store”. Our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane, believe BOPIS to a be valuable tool for small business retailers which can increase their long-term sales revenue.

There are two major advantages for small businesses if they utilise the BOPIS system. Firstly, it increases revenue by driving in-store purchases upon item pickup. At the Brisbane small business marketing consultancy’s, our researchers confirm a strong positive correlation between in-store pick ups and customers making extra purchases. This means that your small business is generating more revenue from both purchase channels. Another major benefit of BOPIS is the lack of shipping or delivery costs. It has been reported that a vast majority of online shoppers often abandon their online shopping carts due to high shipping costs. Therefore, by incorporating a BOPIS system, customers will be more likely to make an online purchase as they don’t have to incur a high delivery fee.

To discover more about BOPIS and learn of its usefulness to your retailing small business, book a consult with one of our marketing consultants for Brisbane small businesses.


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