Discussing Coronavirus with your small business marketing consultant in Brisbane

Clearly the Coronavirus has proven to be a deadly virus, one so far that has killed over 2000 people. It’s tragic that it has killed so many people, and may continue to kill many more, but if you compare it to the annual flu season, it falls well short when taking lives.

In 2018, the winter flu season killed up 61,000 people just in the US. That’s a horrifically large number. So why has the Coronavirus achieved so much hype? Well, after all, it’s a brand name that’s linked to the word virus, why wouldn’t the name spread. In fact, the name has spread faster than the virus itself.

As your small business marketing consultant in Brisbane, we’ve done our own research. Just in the month of January, over 4,000,000 Australians searched “Coronavirus” on Google. Globally, around 130,000,000 searched in January, and half of that figure is made up by of searches from Australia, the US and the UK. It’s no surprise that it’s countries who’s English is the first language, and the brand has spread to quickly.

So, what does all this mean? As your small business marketing consultant in Brisbane, between the hyperbole of the media and the great brand name, the Coronavirus as a brand has reached millions of people, a job that any Brand Manager would be proud of.


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