The decision-making process, explained by our marketing consultancy in Sydney

Our marketing consultancy in Sydney believe that effective marketing needs to appeal to the cognitive, affective and behavioural components of consumer attitudes. The consumer decision making process comprises of need/want recognition, information search, evaluation of options, purchase and post purchase evaluation.

Our small business marketing consultants in Sydney have also identified that decisions can be made based on 5 different needs or wants. These different purchases are for physiological needs, safety needs, belonginess, purchases for self-esteem and self-actualisation. Our marketing consultants in Sydney note that physiological is where most decisions are made with a limited thought process, in comparison to self-actualisation.

Consumer decisions involve different levels of involvement. The following elements are detailed below:
- Habitual decision making involves low involvement such as buying bread and milk.
- Limited decision making involves limited information to evaluate options e.g. buying appliances and clothing.
- Extended decision making involves high involvement and is usually for once in a life time purchases e.g. a car, wedding ring, house or wedding dress.
- Cognitive dissonance are the second thoughts about the wisdom of a purchase (post purchase evaluation/ regret).

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