Small business marketing consultants Melbourne with rebranding tips

Here at Little Marketing, our small business marketing consultants in Melbourne know that rebranding your small business may just be the new direction that your business needs to grow. However, rebranding is more than just a logo's a whole new way for customers to look at your business.

To ensure you keep your current customers happy, whilst attracting the new customer, our small business marketing consultancy in Melbourne has some tips to help the success of your rebrand.

• Establish the purpose of your rebrand. It may be just to refresh your image or there may be a shift in your audience. Be sure to know your purpose and what exactly your growth goals are.

• Make your rebrand known to your current audience. Be sure to get in early with emails and correspondence. This way you will avoid any confusion for your current loyal followers. Be sure to explain that the rebrand is beneficial for them too, however the great service is still there. At the same time, offer your current customers a special offer to show them that you are still there for them.

• Stay consistent across all areas of your business with the rebrand. Launch your rebrand all at once. This includes website, stationary, packaging and processes. Don't have bits and pieces still sticking around from your old just doesn't appear as professional!

• Be sure to notify your vendors of the rebrand.

Considering a rebrand for your small business, contact our small business marketing consultants in Melbourne today.


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