Historical marketing facts by our small business marketing consultants in Sydney

As social media marketing has grown at a rapid pace due to the advancements of technology in the last decade, our small business marketing consultants in Sydney want to go back in time and share with you some interesting facts surrounding internet marketing, when it first came to be.

Email marketing is a key strategy used by most businesses today to promote their product or service offering. Our marketing consultants in Sydney send numerous emails daily to clients all over Sydney, however we find it interesting that the first ever email sent was in 1971 to a computer less than a metre away! Before marketing platforms like Mailchimp existed, the first mass blast email message was sent in 1978 for ‘DEC System 2020’ and reached 600 recipients.

The Facebook logo is recognised by millions of people across the globe, however before the famous logo existed, the social media service was known as ‘thefacebook’ and the sites main page featured a man’s face. The man’s face was supposedly a manipulation of Al Pacino’s face. Although we are fans of Al Pacino at our marketing consultancy in Sydney, removing his face and replacing it with the Facebook logo we all know today was definitely a good move for the company’s brand image.

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