Determining your target market, by our Sydney marketing consultant

The time spent researching and understanding your target market is necessary in the implementation of an effective marketing plan. Our Sydney marketing consultant believes it is crucial that you have a deep understanding of who finds your product or service most appealing, and then determining different personalities of this market in order to get the best message across. The different components that can be used to determine your target market are listed below:

Audience Segmentation
Once you have found your target audience, our marketing consultancy in Sydney recommends you break the target market into even small categories. Age, gender, geographic location, political differences, hobbies and lifestyles are all factors that will affect the way you get your marketing message across.

Surveys are becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to find out what customers are seeking from a product or service. Survey Monkey or direct email links are examples of how businesses are delivering surveys in today’s age.

It is crucial to analyse your entire market by researching the best and the worst selling products/services in your market. By understanding what potential customers like about a certain product can help you tailor your message to a group that has similar likes.

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