Small business marketing consultants in Perth explain why SEO matters

Our small business marketing consultants in Perth say that majority of businesses these days rely on people to find them through a Google search. You won’t be able to generate leads for your business if nobody can find you.

The reason why other websites may rank higher than you on Google, is because they are making a conscious effort to improve their SEO.

Here our small business marketing consultancy in Perth share some search engine facts to show you just how important your rankings are:

  • Close to 95% of experiences on the internet start through a search engine
  • The top result on Google has a 33% chance of getting clicked. If you are not number one on a page, you just missed out on a huge one third of potential traffic
  • 75% of people won’t bother to click on the second page of the search results

The reason why other websites are ranking higher than others is because they put the time and effort into building a professional website with great content, whilst making a conscious effort to improve their SEO.

To find out more ways to improve your SEO rankings, be sure to check out next weeks article by our experts in small business marketing in Perth. 



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