Small business marketing consultancy in Melbourne with tips on writing an effective blog

Here at Little Marketing, our small business marketing consultants understand how important quality content is to the marketing strategy of your small business. Here are some simple tips to adhere to when creating your blog.

Make It Easy To Read

Potential readers do not like hard-to-read content. Your articles need to be easy to consume, so that the reader can easily digest what you are saying with the least amount of work. Write your content using short paragraphs and/or bullet points where possible, ensuring that you don’t use complicated jargon. You want readers to skim easily through your content.

Include Plenty of Imagery

Did you know that people are 80% more likely to share content with images? Our small business marketing consulants explain that if you are not using images in your content, you should start now. Besides using your own images, there are plenty of sites with ‘royalty-free’ images that you can use to easily create more interest in your articles.

Help Your Customers

Before writing your blog, ask yourself what your reader will actually learn your piece. Our Melbourne marketing consultants advise clients to ensure that their content will educate, inform or entertain and hopefully it will do all three! People should be better informed after reading your article, with your ultimate goals being to improving brand awareness, increase traffic and earn customer loyalty.

If you would like assistance creating effective content, just contact our friendly team at Little Marketing, small business marketing consultants, Melbourne.



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