Small business marketing consultants Perth define Guerrilla Marketing

Our small business marketing consultants in Perth explain that Guerrilla Marketing is essentially “shock and awe” low-cost and high-impact unconventional marketing and advertisement methods to promote a business, brand, or product.

Unlike traditional marketing tactics from conventional media streams such as social media, website and print, guerrilla marketing seeks to surprise, impress, and most of all engage the market-base.

Guerrilla Marketing is all about “thinking outside the box”. Our small business marketing company in Perth know this style of marketing has the goal of making a brand attractive to consumers, helping to build a brand image that differentiates itself from the rest of the market competition.

Some examples of Guerrilla Marketing techniques may include removable graffiti in high traffic areas, flash mobs, offering free stuff in the street or random pop up stalls…anything that grabs the attention of your targeted market.

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