Mobile marketing, by the marketing consultancy Sydney

The era of mobile marketing has arrived and is becoming more prominent throughout everyone’s daily lives. The marketing consultancy in Sydney will tell you all about mobile marketing.

We can see that over time, more people are spending hours on their mobile devices and in 2015 the number of global users surpassed the amount of desktop users. Mobile marketing consists of ads that appear on mobiles, smartphones, tablets or other devices.

Why do you need a mobile marketing strategy?

Your business needs a strategy just like a desktop computer needs the Internet. In today’s society over 40% of Internet users are from mobile devices and over 80% of time spent on phones are on apps. Mobile marketing enables you to connect with your target audience especially with small business marketing, as it gives you an avenue to your niche market.

Feel free to contact the marketing consultancy in Sydney and get your marketing strategy on track and start improving your business.


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