Small business marketing consultancy Melbourne with content tips for 2017

With 2017 looming, our small business marketing team Melbourne are busy looking ahead and implementing the upcoming trends in content marketing for the next year.

Most of the current methods of sharing information and analysis are not fading away and email, video, downloadable reports, and blog posts to share content will still apply.

Live streaming will certainly be growing in popularity with Facebook Live and YouTube live as well as Snap Chat and other easy to use platforms that are ready to hosting anything from live product laundes to briefings and tours.

If you are considering email newsletters, 2017 is certainly a good time to launch into it. Our small business marketing consultants recommend that our clients start using email newsletters ASAP, as believe it or not the actual opening rates of emails are going up in certain cases.

Interactive content has certainly been increasing throughout the past couple of years and will continue to do so throughout 2017 and beyond. Interactive content is an important factor in holding customers attention thorough activities such as interactive quizzes or presentations.

If you need assistance with content marketing for your business going into the new year, contact our experienced team of marketing consultants, Melbourne.


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