Ways to grow your email list, by the marketing consultancy in Sydney

With today’s marketing being based online and the importance of getting in contact with your audience being exceptionally important, you’ll want to know how to build your email list. The marketing consultancy in Sydney has some tips on how you can do this to improve your mail outs.

Marketing consultants and their email list growth tips:

• You need to continually learn about your audience
• Add social sharing buttons to almost everything
• Offer deals that require their emails
• Always make it easy for them to subscribe
• Share feedback from existing customers
• Create a contest between your employees which involves who can get the most emails signed up
• Create interactive polls through social media that link to your website

These are just some of the simplest yet effective ways for you to boost your email list as a small business. Be sure to contact our marketing consultancy in Sydney and let’s start our journey together.


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