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Modern buyers have little tolerance for one-size-fits-all communication, expecting to find smart device interfaces everywhere they interact. They don’t want to bother with information that doesn’t interest them instead preferring (and expecting) an endless feed of content that is based on their preferences.

It’s a fact that consumers are spending more and more time on their mobiles, so it’s imperative for brands to keep up, enhancing their buyer experience to give them a strong competitive advantage.

So how can businesses create these more personalised experiences for their consumers? Our small business marketing consultants explain what it takes:

As fabulous as tech solutions are, when it comes to tailoring your message, there’s no point diving in head first without addressing the basics of any marketing strategy; who is your target audience? To properly target consumers it is important to work out what the brand wants to accomplish, to decide whom they should reach so they are able to tailor their message. From there, tech platforms can be leveraged to construct a campaign that is built around a specific audience.

We have seen a major change in the pattern of how mobile is being used, particularly in terms of how campaigns can be run and how they can be measured. Mobile is much more reliable than desktop overall. It has the ability to leverage GPS, helping to find out the real motivations of customers. Mobile is much better in regards to targeted advertising, given that location data is less likely to be cleared than a desktop cache. While the adoption of customised and targeted marketing, such as programmatic, is necessary, if businesses aren’t leveraging mobile they’re missing out on huge amounts of vital consumer data.

It’s important for businesses to realise how important digital strategy investment truly is. It may be an expense that you don’t think you will need however targeted strategies can help greatly with long-term brand leads.

If you need assistance with your marketing strategy, contact our small business marketing consultants in Melbourne to find out what we can do for you.


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