Small business marketing consultancy Melbourne explain how to write your own copy

Filling a blank page with words is certainly intimidating for many, but when it comes to implementing a marketing strategy, it’s simply essential to have good copy, from blogs to Social Media posts, website information and press releases.

If you don’t have the confidence to go it alone, it’s certainly worth investing in hiring a professional copywriter. Unfortunately though, when it comes to starting a small business many don't have the financial allowance to pay someone else to write for them so if you are going to have a go, our small business marketing consultancy have a few3 tips to remember.

Firstly, it’s important to know your audience, before you start churning out your copy. Figure out its purpose, decide what you are trying to accomplish and ways in which you can give your readers a reason to care about what they are reading by letting them know what your company can do for them.

As far as “writing style” goes, our small business marketing consultants explain that you should avoid writing big blocks of sentences. Break things up by using plenty of white space with images, trying to remember that your readers shouldn’t be forced to continually scroll down the page. When you start to write you also need to figure out if you're writing in a formal manner or with a casual, easy going feel. Just remember, no matter how casual your style is, grammar and spelling must be perfect, as you still need to come across as a professional.

To keep it interesting, even when you are talking about a rather boring subject, you will need to spice it up a bit, using a variety of words where possible. Just make sure you avoid too many buzz-words and industry jargon so that your customers know what you are talking about.

Lastly, don’t lose sight of your purpose—you want to get new customers. Just make sure your messages are brief and still include a call to action, whether its downloading an eBook or signing up for a newsletter.

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