Understanding a SWOT analysis, By the marketing consultancy in Brisbane

When you are trying to develop a strong business strategy, it is important for you to use a SWOT Analysis. Most people will not know how to though, so our marketing consultancy in Brisbane will tell you what a SWOT Analysis is and how it works.

As mentioned above, the point of a SWOT Analysis is to develop a strong business strategy by considering all of your businesses strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats it faces in the marketplace. When dealing with complicated situations it is always a good idea to go to a marketing consultant for some advice.

SWOT is an acronym:


Your company’s strengths and weaknesses are internal to the company and are based off of what you have the ability to produce, these can change but only if you are willing to put the hard work in will it improve. While the opportunities and weaknesses are based off of external sources so suppliers, competitors and prices, which you have no control over. These cannot be changed but you need to be prepared to overcome them.

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