Small business marketing consultant in Sydney - how to be successful on social media?

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools to get your small business brand name out there, positively and negatively. Do it right, you can be the next Tacobell with millions of followers and likers. Do it wrong, you can destroy your brand and profits.

So, how to be popular and successful on social media positively? Here are a few guidelines from our small business marketing consultant:

‘Rome wasn’t built in a day'

Patience is what you need while it comes to building your brand on social media as it doesn’t happen overnight just because of a few posts. Make realistic goals within practical timeframes. You need time to see results and commitment to post diligently.

‘Allow followers to talk too’

Social media is only ‘social’ when there is interaction, so it should not just be you talking, your followers should have a voice as well. Listen to and interact with them. If you post something that they like, continue doing it as you are on the right track. If not, take corrective actions by changing a strategy. Success begins when good relationships are built with their customers, thus interaction is important. Brand loyalty can be your competitive advantage!

‘Quality over quantity’

Your social media content should be engaging to be called as a ‘quality’ post. Why so? When content is engaging, people like, comment and even share. According to several researches, short and high quality posts capture attention and boost page rankings better. So, stop being long-winded, go straight to the point.

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