Small business marketing consultant in Sydney - 2015 Internet marketing trends

Internet marketing has been something really big in the recent years. So what are the trends for this year? Read on and stay trendy!

The number one trend that you probably should not neglect is ‘humour’. It actually speaks to people and capture their attention. Humour isn’t technically a trend, since it has already gone viral, but it is definitely something that won’t die. If you are new small business to the online environment, maybe you want to consider using humour to gain attention. According to a research, millennials are more responsive to humour than a typical sales pitch.

Next, you may want to consider using an ‘unified’ approach by reinforcing the same message across all marketing channels in order to ensure the quality of content and service is the same.

Last but not least, mobile marketing! According to a research, about 80% of the smartphone owners actually have their phones with them for 22 hours everyday. 22 hours per day is the amount of potential opportunities you can get connected to your customers. Therefore, mobile marketing isn’t something you should neglect. Have your website and email mobile optimized today.

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