First Impression Matters to You and Your Business

The team at Little Marketing recently discovered this video, which started some discussions in the office about personal appearances and first impressions. The social experiment video features a situation where two individuals stumble over and wait for someone in their immediate surrounding to help them out. The catch is, one person wears a business suit, while the other dresses up in dirty old clothes.

The result? It was a landslide victory to the person in a business suit, as he was helped to get up 10 times out of 10, while the other in dirty clothes was only helped twice out of the 10 times he stumbled. Does appearance and first impression matter that much in our society? The video seems to have given us quite a definitive answer.

However, if we think deeper, this video is more relatable to businesses than it seems on the surface. First impression does not only apply to individuals, but it also matters to your business! In marketing terms, it is better known as ‘branding’.

Hence if suits and dresses are how individuals create a good ‘brand’, how do businesses create a good ‘brand’?

The answer is through different elements such as business name, logo, slogan, website, and much more! It is more sophisticated and complex than just picking out the best clothes out of the wardrobe. It certainly requires a lot more thoughts and processes.

With good and consistent branding, come a number of benefits to your business. Firstly, potential customers will have the ‘right’ first impression. The ‘right’ first impression means that it will be the one that you want them to have. Furthermore, consistency shows a high level of professionalism, avoid confusion and that you pay a close attention to your business.

Secondly, customers could identify you easily through your brand logo or slogan whenever they see elements of it. They will constantly be reminded of you and ultimately you will have a strong presence.

Branding for small businesses can be tough, time consuming and it takes a lot of thinking. However at Little Marketing, we live to help you create a strong brand for your business. We understand the importance of branding to small businesses and our years of experience shows our excellence. Contact Little Marketing now for your expert marketing advice for small business.


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