Small business marketing consultant in Melbourne - display is part of marketing

Marketing isn’t just about promotions, social media or giving out flyers. Everything that comes in contact with your customers is marketing, for example, your staff and your window display. As long as it is something that will lead your customers to develop an impression of your business, it is marketing.

In this article, your small business marketing consultant in Melbourne will be sharing a few handy tips to plan and decorate your window display.

Step one to every marketing strategy is to know what message are you trying to send across to your customers. Is it a new line of products that just arrived at your shop or is it a sale going on?

If you are going to use signage, make sure that it is clear and big enough to be seen across the street. It will be good if you can decide on a theme and stick to it.

Lighting is something you should not neglect, it has the power to set the right mood for and attract attention. Always remember that you do not have to fill up your window display.

The golden rule is: more is less.

Last but not least, never be afraid to try something new. It is a just display and you can simple change it after all. Who knows what will really work for your small business? So do not hesitate to explore other possibilities.

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