Marketing consultancy Melbourne on demographic profile of smartphone users

Almost everyoe that we know nowadays owns a smartphone. Gone are the days when smartphones are luxuries or out of reach as tech companies have made smartphone to be so user friendly and app companies have turned the smartphone to be a necessity. However, it is worth to note the different demography of smartphone users. We, the marketing consultants for small business in Melbourne take a look at some new facts.

According to recent stats from, there are more male Android users as compared to female Android users. On the other hand, there are more female iPhone users than male iPhone users. This could be caused by the different varieties of smartphones out there that uses Android, at varying price points and brands, meanwhile iOS is only available to iPhones and hence the smaller percentage.

Furthermore, across all age demographics, Android still seems to be the more popular mobile operating system as compared to Apple's iOS. This trend is just the same when we compare it to the global numbers of market share. What signifcance does these figures have to us, the marketing consultants for small business in Melbourne?

This means that if your business is planning to develop an app for your business, you know which platform to optimise your app towards. Development of mobile application require the understanding of operating systems and the development of your mobile application should follow the popularity of each operating system amongst your clientele base.

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