Why is a marketing plan essential for small businesses?

Some small business owners questioned why do they need a marketing plan and why can’t they just do marketing without a plan. Your small business marketing consultants based in Sydney will tell you why.

Having a plan ensures that your implementations are aligned with your business goals. But apart from that, the greatest beauty about having a marketing plan is being able to ‘stay sticky’ with your clients throughout their buying decision-making process. The communication styles and messages you wish to convey vary during different stages of a purchasing decision-making process.

The first stage of the process is that customers will recognise a need or problem. Then they will move on to the information seeking stage, and this is when you increase awareness of your brand, products and services.

Followed by the evaluation stage, when they compare you and your competitors, you need to communicate to them about your unique selling proposition. It could be you have more features or colour options that your competitors. And final, customers will make a decision of their purchase.


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