What is customer feedback to your small business in Sydney?

Small businesses in general want feedbacks from customers, why? What is the main intention? Many would say, “to know what my small business did well in and what not”. Is that all? Small business marketing consultant in Sydney says no.

If you, a small business owner, want feedbacks, you should share it with your employees. Try thinking the other way; feedbacks are collected because you want to improve your customers’ experiences. And who serves your customers all the time, you or your employees?

Sharing customer feedbacks with your employees can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Apart from you sharing, you should also allow your employees to share with you about what customers told them. Aforementioned, employees are the ones who come in direct contact with customers, sometimes, they might be the best people to know what customers want, expect and think.

Besides that, when you share feedbacks with your employees, they actually feel more involved and “not just someone working for you”. Thus, it will increase their productivity.

With consistent customer feedback sharing sessions and corrective actions taken, it is able to help your small business increase profitability through customer retention. With loyal customers, they bring you new customers as well.

Lastly, your small business marketing consultant in Sydney reminds you: Don’t forget to put customer feedbacks on your website, it can be a really strong marketing tool!


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