Marketing advice for small business about Instagram ad

A few days ago, Instagram launched ads on their platform in United States, UK and now it’s our turn. Is this good news or bad news for the instagrammers and small business marketing?

Based on the post Instagram posted about their ad, there are a number of comments that were not supportive of the idea. Some users even stated that it was a wrong move and they are going to stop using Instagram. Similarly to Facebook, every instagram ad has the word “sponsored” and users are given two options, to “hide it” or to “learn more”. Hiding it just means that users will not see that ad again but new ads will still pop out.

Users need some time to adapt to the idea of having ads on their favourite photo-sharing app. Thus, from the marketing point of view for small business, our Sydney small business consultants recommend small businesses to continue posting by their accounts as it would not be a turn off for users who do not fancy ads. Meanwhile, small businesses can save some instagram ad expenditure and continue focusing on building relationships with their clients.

Instagram currently has 1.6 million active users in Australia and it definitely should be a marketing tool that small businesses capitalise on.


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