What can Snapchat do for small businesses in Sydney?

Snapchat is probably one of the social media tools that businesses do not really use as it sends photo or video that expires once opened after a pre-set time. But it is one of the most popular applications on iTunes and GooglePlay. Here are some benefits that Snapchat can do your small business in Sydney:

1. Showcase new products

Who does this well? Taco Bells! They have an open rate of 80% on the snaps sent. Taco Bells recognised the fact that Snapchat is the language to talk to consumers from 16 to 35 years old and uses this tactic successfully. Apart from photos, employees use emojis such as the smiley face icon as it is part of the texting language.

2. Exclusives

A frozen yoghurt chain, 16 Handles, uses Snapchat to offer exclusives discounts to their customers. It gives customers varying discount rates when they visited one of their sotres and opened the snap at the register. Snapchat has a more engaged customer base as you can only send snaps to users who have added you. This is a good tool to reward loyalty and build up audience base.

3. Quick Q&A

Snapchats can be your fastest way to respond to a customer’s question by photo or video. It is also a great platform for customer feedbacks! A customer can send you a snap with your product in the packaging and say, “it is too hard to unwrap”. Tadddaaa! You might want to consider changing your packaging.

4. Behind the Scenes

Like other social media, you can see it to connect with your customers in a fun way. Show users something that they cannot usually see on their platforms.

5. Competitive Advantage

Start using it before every businesses start using it! Being there first will gain you more loyal users!


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