Video is the best marketing tools for small businesses in Sydney

According to a survey by B2B Marketing, the best tool to stand out from your competitors is video. It stated that 78% of the survey respondents are hoping to use video in the next one-year period. For those who have already been using video, 58% found it as a successful marketing channel but over 60% of them mentioned that when they are creating video content, there are no clear guidelines to follow in order to not confuse their customers.

In this article, we will talk about several factors to consider when creating video content. These factors are developed around a core objective, which are to deliver and communicate consistency of a brand. This core objective will ensure that you are not compromising your brand promise, not confusing your customers and hopefully build trust.

1. Tone and language

You need to decide if your video is going to be a formal one or a funny one. That will determine your tone and language. Both of the elements directly affects how your customers decode the message you want to send across.

2. Colours

The colours that you are going to use in the video should be of the same palette as your brand to deliver consistency.

3. Logo usage

You need to specify how your logo will be featured in the video. Is it going to be like a permanent “sign” on the top right hand side of the video all the time? Or it is going to pop up at the end of the video? How prominent the logo should be and what text or graphical will go along with your logo?


Guidelines for typography include elements like font and sizes of title, sub-titles and body text. Again, the colour of the texts, should it be aligned with your brand? Also, take note of the legal limitations of certain fonts.

5. Sound

The distinct difference between video and other marketing tools is sound. You need to consider the type of sounds according to the mood. If you are using any music, make sure you license it.

6. Promotions

What is a video without promotions for it? Are you going to create a YouTube channel for it? Or feature the video on your business website? Or post it on your social media pages? You need to consider all these to get your video out to your consumers. Video is not longer an emerging marketing tool, it is “officially” a powerful tool to engage with customers and stand out from competitors.


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