Top 4 social media marketing trends for your small business in 2014

If you look around you, how many people own a smartphone? A lot. How many of your friends use social medias? A lot. So here are the top 3 trends from our marketing advisor for small business in Sydney that you can anticipate for.

1. Google+ is plus!

Facebook currently tops the chart for the most number of active monthly users at approximately 1.2 billion. On the other hand, Google+ has now risen to the top 2 on the chart with 343 million active users. Google+ is not just another social networking tool because Google itself is personal information “collector”. It has vast amount of demographics and location information and they make use of those insightful content to integral part of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which provides more personalised search experience for their users. Google+ should be utilised by small businesses as it is the “one size fits all” type of social network.

2. Visual is the way to go!

Since last year it is evidenced that there is a shift from text-based content to visual content such as videos and images. Because of this trend, social networking sites and apps such as Pinterest as well as Tumblr continues to grow. It will be a good platform to integral part of your marketing strategies. In order to derive the key benefit of images, videos and content, make sure you make the ‘shareability’ feature available to your customers.

3. Micro-Video 
is macro!

What is a micro-video? It is a video or clip as short as 3 seconds to as long as 15 seconds. With this emerging next big trend (or already a big trend) Twitter came up with its Vine app and instagram with a video-sharing feature. Real-time video sharing is no longer a dream and user can create as well as share videos on their smartphones now.

4. LinkedIn links you out!

LinkedIn is like Facebook for the professionals. It has 238 million active user and with the launch of its Influencers program, LinkedIn aim to be one of the largest sources of content creation and “collection” for professionals. The growth of LinkedIn is a huge opportunity for B2B marketers.


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