Small business marketer tips on Made in Australian products

Do you know that a lot of consumers actually tend to buy products that are made locally? Therefore, in order to capture these consumers, here are a few tips from Little Marketing to small businesses in Sydney:

1. Let “Made in Australia” be your selling point.

Most of us assume products are made overseas due to less expensive labour but if you highlight the point that your product is made locally, you can better win consumers’ heart over.

2. Inform them why you choose to make locally.

On your website, brochures, packaging or any marketing materials, inform consumers why your small business chose to produce locally. Is it because you are against young children working in sweatshops? Or is it local materials are of higher quality?

3. Be social about your “MIA”.

The great thing about social media is that you are able to share photos, links and videos. Don’t waste such good features, go ahead to share stories about how your products are made locally. It is a good opportunity to showcase that your products are 100% made locally, thus build better brand loyalty.

Little Marketing is a marketing consultancy based in Sydney and we specialised in small businesses. Do not hesitate to contact us for any marketing activities soon!


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