5 small business marketing advice in 2014

Here are 5 advices for small business marketing in 2014:


1: Be on Mobile

Today, over a billion of people own smartphones that is capable to access to the Internet. Do you know that (according to Deloitte Digital) about 60% of smartphone users use their phones while in a store? Another 50% of them use on their way to a store. Compared to the last six months, the number of emails opened on smartphones increased drastically by 80%. That’s why you really need to ensure that your emails and websites are compatible with smartphones to connect with the users.


2: Videos! Videos! Videos!

Another interesting statistic, 90% of the online traffic is associated with video content. YouTube alone accounted for more than 1 billion visits in a month. Video increases branding and likelihood of consumer purchases. If YouTube is too big a thing to start with, then start with something small like Vine.


3: E-mail marketing

According to Small Business Yahoo, people who receive marketing emails purchase 28% more than those who do. Email marketing is a useful tool to build customer relationship and it is easy in creating as well as sending customized content to your target audience too. And you know what? It is relatively cheap compared to other forms of advertising.


4: Yes, social media is it!

Going mobile is a must, and of course social media too! According to Social Media Today, consumers are more likely to share and like products on their social media. For example, 66% of twitter users are more likely to retweet. I don’t even need to mention about Facebook.


5: You need content

According to VerticalResponse, almost 500 small business owners consider posting content on social media as a hectic task. No! Posting on social media is never hectic compared to writing long blog posts. You can easily take a popular post, break it up into small pieces of information and transform it into an interesting infographic. Then share these images on different social media.


Mark Tawin’s advice on small business marketing

Mark Tawin, an American author and humorist, once said "Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising." How true is that.


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