Creativity coming second to strategy in small business marketing

Being a marketing consultant, people just expert you to be creative. In marketing, creativity comes second to brand strategy. Why?

If your brand means nothing, you can be as creative as you like but it’s going to be a waste of time, money and heartache for all involved. You can be creative on a street corner where no one stands. You could be talking about your creative idea to nobody.

Creativity plays a role once you know what you business brand stands for. People often do the cart before the horse. Even in big business, marketing departments get caught up with fancy advertising agencies giving them these wild fanciful ideas that mean nothing to the brand or the people they’re trying to communicate to.

A final word. How about the Bonds brand? Bus and billboards with the word “Boobs” in the same font as their brand logo “Bonds”. So smart, so simple, so clever. Smart creativity that means something to the brand.


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