Small business marketing consultants get creative

According to Mark Cameron’s blog on Marketing Magazine Online, social media platforms have become a must-have in the modern marketer’s kit bag and that recently we’ve seen the focus rightly shifting away from technology to techniques required for a successful strategy. A strategic social media plan will address any number of metrics and activities depending on the business objectives. However, one thing every good plan will have is a strategic approach to content marketing. Optimising your content for each platform to ensure the best message reaches your target audience is essential. The biggest challenge for the digital marketer is to develop a creative way to tell the brand story.

Cameron goes on to explain creativity in storytelling has always been important. The viral nature of digital communications means the success of that creativity is obvious, and measurable. Successes stand out, and failures vanish into white noise and as Sydney small business marketing consultants, we agree. While there is no magic formula for developing a creative direction, it is vital for business leaders to understand why it is needed.

Overall as small business marketing consultants our opinion, which runs closely to Cameron’s is that creativity in content marketing is what assists in capturing the audiences attention and helps get to the core message of what a business is trying to say. This form of creativity makes your message less obvious and in your face, if you can do this, marketers have done their job right.


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