Small business marketers in Sydney share some new ideas

I just read a great article on Marketing Magazine online from Simon Van Wyk that I thought would be interesting to share. As small business marketers in Sydney we always keep up with the latest trends and news and always want to share that with our clients.

The article explains that the key challenge is to be relevant to customers at every touchpoint. On the web, it’s maximising every opportunity, every dollar you spend.

Simon says that the most powerful way to maximise the efficacy of your online display marketing is retargeting. Site retargeting allows you to follow users who have visited your site – but have failed to convert – and serve them timely display ads as they browse other sites.

Dynamic retargeting is more persuasive still by instantly generating an ad that displays the exact item that the user had previously researched. The example used is the cunning display ads reminding you about those beautiful heels that you were looking at on ASOS just half an hour earlier?

Yet don’t ignore the many other powerful retargeting techniques at their disposal which include search, SEO/SEM, email, contextual, engagement, and social.

Follow this link and read all about Simon’s ideas on retargeting online.

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