Marketing consultants in Melbourne get ready to drive

Marketing Magazine recently explains the new campaign for Honda Australia, where they are encouraging users to use their LinkedIn contacts to build an ‘A Team’ to promote the car maker’s new Accord model.

Members are asked to select the position that best describes them and then choose from their professional contacts on LinkedIn to fill the remaining four positions on their team, creating their very own ‘A-team’. Offering business marketing in Melbourne we can see the potential this campaign has to draw in a large amount of people.

“We chose the LinkedIn platform and use of their Application Programming Interface (API) to target an audience of mid-tier affluent professionals and engage them in a more personalised and creative way,” says Honda Australia senior manager marketing Kevin Lillie.

“We are particularly pleased with the way professionals can engage with the Accord’s features and select connections that best fit a particular position on their team.”

Each position on the team has different point criteria to guide the member when choosing their team. The goal is to score the highest number of points by choosing an A-Team most aligned with the positions.

As small business marketing consultants in Melbourne we believe this is a great example of a brand using social media to interact with their clients in a creative way.



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