Google shaping things up for small business accountants

As small business marketing consultants in Sydney our priority is always to be on top of all our online tools and the most important is Google.

The latest tool Google has enhanced is their Ad-words. Now there is Google Ad-words for video, which is any video of your choice to be shown on Google YouTube as adverts in a selected area. For example, if you are a hairdresser and have created a short video you can create an Ad-word campaign with key words around your video. So in this case ‘hairdresser, hair colour, cuts etc.’ and this will be placed within videos relating to these key words.

This is a great way in advertising your new video to your own budget. Google has said that the videos are as effective as TV in gaining awareness with a 20% increase in traffic to your website.

The reason this is believed to work so well is because people will only see the advert by targeting to specific customers with keywords in the campaign.

For any questions on how you can utilise your latest video contact us your marketing consultants for small business.


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