Business marketers in Melbourne agree with the most trusted brands

In a recent article in Reader’s Digest, they detail the top three most trusted brands that actually haven’t changed since last year.

As part of the poll, which is now in its 12th year, more than 3000 Australians were asked to identify the products that dominate their lifestyle and held their trust.

Hills Hoist was named the most iconic Australian Brand while Toyota came out on top for cars. Subway beat McDonald’s and KFC to take out the prize in the fast food category while Woolworths was found to be more trusted than Coles.

Telstra is more trusted than Optus and Virgin as a mobile phone service provider and Commonwealth Bank won the banking category.

Australian Reader’s Digest editor Sue Carney says the top brands had a long history of being steadfast and safe: “It’s the brands which continue to offer quality and substance that hold our trust,” she says. With our experience in business marketing in Melbourne we understand consumer behaviour and most of us are creatures of habit, so once someone is trusting of your brand, most of the time they are life long consumers.

Reader’s Digest top 10 most trusted brands of 2013: 

  1. Dettol
  2. Band-Aid
  3. Panadol
  4. Dulux
  5. Colgate
  6. Guide Dogs
  7. Elastoplast
  8. Cadbury
  9. Johnson & Johnson
  10. Weet-Bix

Working as marketing consultants in Melbourne and following this list every year, the results for 2013 don’t shock us at all as most consumers rarely change from a long standing brand they trust. 


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