Sydney marketing consultants back LinkedIn

Working in the progressive marketing industry and in particular small business marketing consulting, social media is a part of our everyday work to keep up with today’s technologically savvy society. 

Offering marketing advice for small business we always tell our clients that certain types of social media platforms can help them reach a wider and more progressive audience. One in particular is LinkedIn, where our clients can easily communicate with other professionals on an online arena as well as create a business profile to help attract new audience.

According to Marketing Magazine Online LinkedIn has hit 200 million members. The site passed the 100-million mark in March 2011, driving its growth by making the site available in 19 languages and over 200 countries and territories. More than 13 million members have joined since 1 November 2012, its growth accelerating.

In a blog post, LinkedIn’s senior vice president of product and user experience, Deep Nishar, says the milestone is a reminder of the global footprint and scale of impact the site. “Members come first at LinkedIn and we remain focused on creating economic opportunity for every professional in the world,” Nishar writes. “We look forward to bringing the power of the LinkedIn network to many more professionals in the coming years.”

The sites statistics are at 160 million unique monthly visitors globally, making it the 23rd most visited web property in the world.

With the right targeted content been uploaded, LinkedIn is a great platform to create business.


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