Small business marketing consultants taking risks

Working as small business marketing consultants we like to stay up to date with the latest and greatest campaigns. The one campaign that always springs to mind and is constantly being mentioned in the media is the lamb campaign that features Sam Kekovich.

This week in The Australian Financial Review an article highlights the creativity of the 10-year campaign that constantly can reinvent itself an be a memorable and interesting advertisement.

For Australia Day this year, the lamb campaign was trying to become what an Anzac biscuit is for Anzac day. Sam Kekovich was featured in three third party campaigns including Coles, Woolworths and McDonalds. The one aspect that was judged in this campaign was that not one person would visit all three places for lamb on Australia Day, but even though this is true all three parties have seen success in their campaigns featuring Sam Kekovich meaning that by using Sam in three various campaigns about lamb has targeted a wide range of people.

The parties believe the benefits have overweighed the risks. “It makes our campaign appear larger. In the run up to Australia Day, you just cant get away from Kekovich,” said Andrew Cox, Meat & Livestock Australia’s Marketing Manager.

Offering small business marketing consulting to a range of different businesses these campaigns highlight what our industry is about and the creative risks we need to take to help benefit our clients.


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