Marketing advice Sydney offers mobile devices used on the couch

In a recent article I read on Marketing Magazine, according to Nielsen more than two-thirds of US smartphone shoppers and four out of five tablet shoppers use their devices most frequently in the home, often with one eye on the TV. So even though smartphones and tablets offer the convenience of shopping on the go, it seems like the vast majority of tablet and smartphone shoppers who make a purchase with their device prefer the comfort of their couch while they shop. 

Indeed, when it comes to actual purchasing, eMarketer says there’s a stark contrast between the behaviour of smartphone owners and their tablet owning counterparts. Nearly 71 million tablet owners will make purchases via their device this year, compared with 53 million buyers using smartphones. This distinction is critically important and highlights why marketers need to think like a customer.

The article goes on to explain that in Australia, according to data published in May this year from research firm Frost & Sullivan, three out of 10 internet users in Australia made a retail purchase within the previous 12 months via their smartphone. Another 19% made a purchase on their tablet.

Offering marketing advice for small business, I believe these figures will definitely creep up in Australia also, giving many small business owners some great leverage to take up online sales now. Online shopping is definitely a big market in Australia and there are many ways to take advantage. For any questions give us a call today.


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