Business marketing Melbourne using Instagram

As small business marketing consultants in Melbourne the latest trend to hit social media is Instagram, a social media platform that allows you to add images and tag the images.

The reason this is becoming even a new craze for business across the world is because you can tap into big names in a business and celebrities and market your brand. 

A recent example of how this new app works is a popular sunglass brand sent a high profile American celebrity a dozen pairs of sunglasses from their new line and then this celebrity is tagging the brand in Instagram posts and following them. This clearly works in favour of the brand because this high profile celebrity has many followers on the app who will see the post and be exposed to the brands new range.

Overall, if your business is a visual business such as fashion, a restaurant or a photographer, Instagram works well for you. As a marketing consultant for small business in Melbourne we have helped apply this app to many small business clients who have a visual aspect in their business to help profile and boost their business.

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