Small business marketing consultants for Sydney changes things up

In a recent article I read on Marketing Magazine Online a study has found that Muffin Break is the most ‘habitual’ brand, meaning consumers are most likely to engage with this product on autopilot.

The article reveals that the study also found 65% of women were loyal to products that they liked, that women are still responsible for 85% of purchasing decisions and 46% of consumers’ daily lives were driven by routine and habit.

The study, conducted by BrandHook, titled ‘Consumers buy on autopilot: What does this mean for your brand?’ contained more than 35 observational in-home sessions with more than 100 women and 2000 responses from an online community forum that were then validated with a sample of 1000 people.

It also found that both men and women are at the height of habit formation between the ages of 45 and 54. During this time 75% of women formed habits as opposed to 49% of men.

According to the study, the following brands are the most habitual in their behaviour and therefore most likely to buy or behave on autopilot according to the findings:

  1. Muffin Break
  2. Lean Cuisine
  3. Cotton On
  4. Decjuba
  5. Country Road
  6. Garnier
  7. Latina Fresh Pasta
  8. L’Oreal
  9. Bonds
  10. Bertocchi

As marketing consultants for small business this brings up issues of consumers being less consciously engaged with marketing efforts. This makes it just that more important to constantly innovate and make sure engagement and communication is targeted.


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