Marketing consultants Sydney support change

Offering marketing advice for small business we always keep up to date with changes within our industry, the media and the client’s industry.

A recent change within our own industry is T he Australian Financial Review will launch its Sunday edition early next month in the form of a half hour television show on the Nine Network called Financial Review Sunday.

According to Financial Review journalist Paul McIntyre, Financial Review Sunday will be produced by Nine and designed to break news and deliver analysis across business and politics.

Nine Entertainment Co chief executive David Gyngell said the program is aimed at not being boring. With the show already starting to be shot, the lead up to its launch will feature across the Financial Review platforms (mobile, tablet, web and print).

“We are viewing this program as our Sunday edition. Our mentality is now we are seven days a week and that our journalism sits across multiple platforms,” said Financial Review Group CEO.

The article goes on to say that in a world where traditional publishing is shifting, innovation is key. Many of our previous articles as well as this one would agree that the change calls for drastic innovation to keep up and not fall behind. 

As small business marketing consultants we will keep an eye out to see if Financial Review Sunday will have a small business segment as they do in their print publication.


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