Introducing a classic European marketing plan

General Motors is launching in Australia their successful European car brand, Opel.

According to a recent article in the Australian Financial Review GM are hoping to tap into the Australian market with Opel due to Australia’s love of European cars. 

Opel will make its splash over 17 new dealerships with the return of the Astra, better known in Australia as the Holden Astra. The Opel brand will compete with the likes of other German small cars like Volkswagen.

Opel Managing Director said, “ the market is changing and customers are wanting European brands and in particular German brands.”

Considering Opel is Europe’s third highest selling car brand, there are high hopes that Australians will also adopt the brand generously.

From a marketing consultants perspective the fact that Opel is introducing itself with the well known Astra, even though will have a mark up in price is a smart move. It is smart because Opel is not a well known brand in Australia but Astra is, therefore allowing Opel to tap into an Australian market for German small cars.


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