Marketing consultants build on their big brand status

As marketing consultants for small business we have worked across many brands and products and have also stayed up to date with what other marketers have been working on across the globe.

In a recent article posted on Marketing Magazine Online we read the latest marketing campaign to grab our attention. The campaign to grab our attention is launched by Brazilian thong brand, Havaianas who are attempting to get their name in the dictionary. Havaianas believe they have become a generic term for thongs.

The campaign involves an online competition that asks people what the brand means to them and upload a photo.

As marketing consultants we believe that this is a clever campaign and even if it doesn’t work and get them into the Macquarie dictionary, we are sure Havaianas will grab the attention of many consumers that can work in their favor.

It is also safe to say that Havaianas has built a strong brand name for themselves to even attempt this and that through their communication efforts, their brand name and what it stands for has stayed constant and strong.


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