The best marketing advice for small business

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but as marketing consultants for small business we say that when a picture is posted on any sort of social media those words exceed a thousand words.

A photo shared by newly re-elected President Barack Obama has broken records on both Twitter and Facebook. The photo shows Obama in an embrace with his wife after winning re-election in the US presidential election.

In a recent article posted by Marketing Magazine Online at time of publishing, the photo had received more than 747,000 re-tweets, around 500,000 more than the reigning most re-tweeted image – a photo shared by Justin Bieber which hit 200,000 plus, according to AllTwitter.

The photo has also been favourited nearly 260,000 times to date.

It is clear that an image can be very powerful but include the latest news tory around the world and you have massive potential to gain great exposure.

Even as marketing consultants in Sydney this is information that interests us as we like to stay on top of our industry news as well as support the communication tools we use in our everyday life.

Social media is a ever expanding tool that we use for many of our clients and advise them to use various platforms to help reach maximum exposure.


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