Small business marketing consultants giving social media a chance

As small business marketing consultants in Sydney we have seen many small businesses try to utilise social media to reach a wider audience or to encourage interactivity with the business or simply as another touch point for existing and new clients.

Most of us know that Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have taken the world by storm and now can generate high volumes of traffic to them; so many businesses have also tried to cash in on the new craze.

Even though on a larger scale, the Kleenex ‘Share the Softness’ marketing campaign is a great example on how social media can really help a marketing campaign. Sharing the softness of Australia’s softest tissue by offering a free box of tissues was the core strategy.

Using Facebook, Kleenex asked consumers to write a personalized message about who they want to share the softness with and why and then they would receive a free box of Kleenex tissues.

This campaign works brilliantly because it created interactivity with consumers, which is the key to using social media in marketing strategies.


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